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All my life, I have been writing songs and learning about music.

From piano and voice lessons, to teaching myself to play guitar, to studying music composition in University, music has always been important to me.

There are 2 ways in which music is part of this website.

The ‘Educational’ tab on the website represents the ways in which I, as a teacher, use music to try to enhance student learning of Social Studies curriculum. Under this tab, I make that music, and various related and other activities that I developed as a teacher, freely available for teachers and students to use as they see fit.
I hope people in the education community find these useful, whether as a regular part of their learning or for use as special or enhancement projects.

Now, I’m working on writing songs that make use of my very low singing voice as melody. It’s really hard to find music to sing when you are a ‘Basso Profundo’ – most melodies don’t use the best part of my range. So, I’m now writing and recording songs that are set up specifically for my low voice.

If artists who paint would not remove colours from their palettes which are unusual or not ‘trendy’, then I think we should have music available to us that feature all parts of the audible range. I want to make a contribution toward music that makes use of the lower range of pitch.

Whatever portion of this website intrigues you, feel free to contact me with your comments and suggestions. I’m happy to collaborate as well, or even to write music for others, to the extent that it would be a good fit. Explore as you like!