A change in written response assignments occurred in recent years in Alberta’s Social Studies curricula.

In response to the fact that some students had learned to write a few generic essays on common topics related to the grade 12 Social Studies curriculum, memorize them, and regurgitate those essays on their final province wide diploma exam, and since (while this effort was admirable) such preparation and memorization was not what the written exam was primarily intended to assess, the Provincial leadership decided to create exams that would require a response to a given statement, with continual reference back to that statement required as part of the assessment of the student’s final written work.

Here, provided in several different document formats (including Microsoft Word docx, the older .doc, and pdf,) is an example of such a written assignment. I can’t really provide an assessment guide as part of this website, so if you want one you will have to go to the Alberta Education website; https://education.alberta.ca/media/481845/ss30-1-assignment-2_20150901.pdf