The following documents are provided to help students and/or teachers create a fun and educational music video (or other video) in Windows Movie Maker (I’m sure other video creation programs are similar).

I am providing assignment, template, and assessment documents in Microsoft Word formats (older and docx), so that students and teachers can alter the documents to suit their own needs in the context of their curricula. It is possible that some schools only have access to older version of Microsoft Word, so that is why I include multiple versions.

However, recognizing that not all schools provide access to Microsoft Word, I have also included the documents in pdf format.

The ‘Final PM Video Story Board’ document is only provided in pdf, since there is no reason that one should change. I would have liked to include the mp4 video I made for the song, but it exceeds the size limitations for media I can include on the site, so I regret that it is only available on YouTube. If teachers or students in jurisdictions that restrict YouTube access within their school would want to re-record it manually off of YouTube at some other site, and bring it to school on a USB stick (assuming you have multimedia software that would play it), I’m okay with that as long as it is recorded in its entirety, since I want the credits at the end left on in order to acknowledge those who made materials that I used for this educational project.