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For Unseen Work; Get Going Mantra

Significant challenges in life deserve their own music. Universally, societies have included music in their ritual, to help emotionally prepare entire groups of people for journeys, battles, and initiations.

We live in a more individually focused time, and much of the work is done behind the scenes. Whether it’s teachers doing their planning, athletes working out, conscientious people exercising to stay fit so they can more effectively help and provide an example to their families, scientists doing research, or songwriters and writers honing their craft, a lot of work gets done that nobody sees and which is not evident until the results become public in some way.

My song ‘Get Going Mantra’ is the one I wrote to recognize that unseen work, and to help myself prepare emotionally to do those lonely tasks. Its purpose is not complicated, so the lyrics aren’t either. It just says what it needs to say, at a decent tempo, in a positive way. I was aiming, too, to use a metaphor that is relevant to me – living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I see the mountains in the distance almost every day, and travel out to them multiple times a year to hike and experience the natural world. Military and battle metaphors are not part of my life, and I want to contribute peace-time related metaphors because I believe it would be better to decrease the level of conflict-related thinking in our mindsets generally, so I’d rather sing about making it through particular challenges than about conquest.

Here are the lyrics;

To get to the top of the mountain – gonna have to climb.
Gonna take determination, gonna take some time. (2x)

Nobody will see me,
no one will cheer.
Maybe nobody
even know I’m here. (2x)

I know what I have to do. (2x)

Gotta get up and go! (4x)


The whole song gets repeated a second time.

I hope that others will find this song useful as a motivator too. Either way, it’s true for most of us at some point that “I know what I have to do,” and that at some point the difficult thing is just to “get up and go.” All the best in taking up your own personal goals and challenges toward personal fulfillment and contributing to the lives of those you love!

The song is available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, and Tidal so far. I use my own name, Art Koop, as my artist/songwriter name.

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